In much happier days, this was Vickie and Frostie. Vickie bred Frostie, raised him, placed him with very competent trainers and was looking forward to a future of rides, adventures, competitions maybe and fun definitely.

This all changed on Monday, March 11th. For reasons only Frostie knows, he suddenly went reaching for the sky and Vickie hit the ground hard. Her right wrist took part of the impact and needed to be pieced back together. Her upper right leg bone, the femur, took the full impact and the weight of the fall fracturing up into the hip ball joint beyond repair. Vickie’s new hip was put in place late Tuesday March 12th. Her wrist was surgically reconstructed on March 14th We know the hospital stay was extended and then will be followed by intensive rehabilitation. We also know that her insurance will not cover it all. So far the charges are well into the 6 figure range. And rising…

Vickie has always been a highly competent and well-rounded horsewoman. She’s formally educated in her field, she’s competed in many disciplines, she’s taught and she’s judged. A good friend and former student wrote this:  Vickie is so intuitive when it comes to horses. I watched her work with a young mare who had a very difficult start under saddle and the connection was obvious. She is very good with older riders and riders with fear issues (personal experience). If I had a horse who needed a soft hand and good groundwork, I’d send the horse to her. She has worked with many different breeds and in many different disciplines – and each has given her more tools for her training toolbox.

Soft hands, skilled training, empathy for horses and humans, and a beautiful singing voice which she uses every Sunday in Meadowbrook Church’s choir…Vickie is a good person and a good friend to all, no matter if they’re equipped with feet or with hooves. She’s given her help to so many so often. She needs our help now. Please participate and help her get back on her feet.

Thank you all so very much.