This year, the USDF created a new program to “recognize the achievements of USDF Group Members.” 
It’s purpose? 
“To give competitors confirmation of how they stack up against their peers, within their USDF region. This will, in turn, strengthen USDF’s Group Member Organizations by providing an additional exclusive benefit of membership! Schooling shows provide and promote dressage education for riders, USDF L Graduates, and licensed judges, as well as local competition management and show volunteers. We hope to welcome more members and competitors into the USDF community, while furthering USDF’s mission of recognizing achievement in dressage.”
During the August meeting, STRIDE members voted not to participate in this program during the 2020 competition year. Because we are fortunate to live in an area where opportunities abound to compete at recognized dressage shows, some members pointed out during the discussion prior to voting on the matter, that the additional fees required for participation, like USDF horse registration and a fee to be submitted by the GMO (STRIDE)to USDF prior to each show would be better spent at recognized shows if a participant wanted to be more competitive.
Others pointed out that this would be additional work for our already well worked show secretary.
Additionally, we are undergoing changes to our website and members felt that another complication to enter and tabulate scores might be undesirable at this time.
As the program rolls out and members have an opportunity to see the program clarified, it’s certainly possible that the matter can be revisited for a vote again in August 2020.