People often ask, “What have you got to lose?”  When it comes to scenic Marion County, it could be a lot. Last year, Marion County had a growth rate of about 1.71% for the year for a total population of 353,717.  That amounts to about 25 people moving to Marion County every day. With all that we have to offer—great weather, scenic rivers, an abundant trail system that’s an asset to hikers, bikers, and equestrians alike, public hunting lands, scenic roadways, museums, theater, restaurants, incredible horse show venues, a four year college– that’s understandable, right?
Yes, we have a lot to be proud of, which means we also have a lot to lose. 
People need services.  We need roads, schools, hospitals, recycling centers, landfills, housing, etc. Often times, in the name of development and progress, we look in our rear view to discover that unintended consequences have emerged.
You’ve probably thought to yourself on more than one occasion, “I don’t know why they just didn’t ____________.  Why didn’t they ask me?  I could have told them!”
Now you have the opportunity to voice your opinion.  Actually, you’ve always had the opportunity to voice your opinion if you care to keep up on local issues, attend county commission meetings, and sign up to put in your two cents during a meeting, but if you find safety in numbers—let’s call them voting blocks, The Ocala Horse Alliance may be just what you’re looking for.
This new group is being formed to unite and give voice to those people who treasure all that Marion County has to offer.  They will hold a summit at Golden Ocala in January, and you’re invited. Please note- this initial summit will be limited to 200 people.  There will be a nominal fee to participate.  To find out more about the group, the Summit, and other details, contact Noelle Vanderbrink by email at
And remember—the farm you save me be your own.