You’ve no doubt heard the old saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” It certainly applies to twenty-six-year old STRIDE member, Rachel Devick.
Rachel took over the reins of the Volunteer Coordinator position for the 2019 show season.  Now, after completing her year long tenure, she is ready to pass the mantle.
“It’s been a great way to meet the members of STRIDE and to learn about all of the working parts that are instrumental in the production of a successful horse show!”
“The trick is pairing people who are new to a job with others who have done it before.”
But there’s a season for everything, and now it’s time for Rachel to get busy promoting her new business venture Balanced Electromagnetic Therapy. (If you want a referral, talk to my horse.  He LOVES it!)
Rachel, who holds a degree in Business Agriculture with an emphasis in Equine Science, has been passionate about horses since she was a child (she started riding at age four), and it doesn’t appear that passion will be squelched any time soon.
Growing up, Rachel rode at community shows in Parkland, Florida. She participated primarily in flat classes for hunters. Even though she battled a strong case of show nerves, she continued on that path, acquiring an off-track thoroughbred and continuing to focus on that stylish pursuit.
So how did she become interested in dressage?  Fate took a cruel twist when her instructor and mentor became seriously ill.  Another teacher stepped in to coach Rachel.  This coach placed a strong emphasis on dressage, and Rachel was instantly hooked. Showing no longer seemed important to her and she began honing her dressage skills, in spite of the objections of her thoroughbred.
As Rachel’s passion evolved into an obsession, she decided to head to Ocala to the College of Central Florida to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She nailed that goal.
Lucky for STRIDE and for all of those four-leggers  who get the benefit of her PEMF therapy (Rachel can treat a variety of animals and even has the equipment to provide relief to humans), it turns out that Ocala, thus far, has proven to be the ideal location for Rachel…in more ways than one.
Friendly and vivacious with an easy laugh, Rachel is well on her way to establishing a solid business doing what she loves- improving the lives of horses. Her natural rapport with animals and her ability to put even the most sensitive of horses at ease makes her a natural for her profession. The Horse Capital of the World is definitely the place for her new business!
And then there’s her horse…she met him here in Ocala, too. Ask her to describe him and her description is pretty brief.  “He’s perfect.” A seasoned school master developed to Prix St. George, “Otto” is Rachel’s dream horse.  She considers herself unbelievably lucky to have acquired him and has her sites set on earning her bronze medal with Otto.
If history is any indicator, she’ll nail this goal soon, too.
Meanwhile, don’t forget that Rachel is looking for the next candidate to serve as Volunteer Coordinator for STRIDE.  Remember how Rachel discovered that the trick for making volunteers feel successful is pairing them with someone who has done the job before? Rachel is here to support the next person who steps up to take their turn.  You couldn’t ask for a more positive guide!
Whether you wish to try your hand as a volunteer coordinator or whether you want to put a super PEMF body tune up on your faithful steed, you can reach Rachel by phone or text at 954-821-8966.