The regular September meeting of STRIDE was anything but ordinary.  Members were the guests of Barb and Rene Gasser at their Gala of the Royal Horses Farm north of Ocala, Florida, and the extraordinary couple conducted a spectacular dressage demonstration for STRIDE members following a potluck dinner.
Master Gasser presented a lively musical freestyle aboard one of the family’s striking white steeds. He also provided a narrated demonstration illustrating the incremental steps he uses in hand to teach his horses upper level dressage movements. A cadre of riders were on hand to provide further evidence of the training and riding skills employed by Master Gasser and family.
Following this artful demonstration, STRIDE members were invited to tour the immaculately kept facilities as well as inspect some horses offered for sale.
According to Rene and Barb Gasser’s daughter, Katharina, the family began the The Gala of the Royal Horses performances about six years ago after moving to the United States.  They have been touring the country thrilling audiences with their horsemanship for the last two years but will be based here in Ocala for the next several months.
While in Ocala, Rene Gasser is accepting a limited number of horses for training during the winter season.  If you are looking for a different set of eyes to propel your riding forward, he is also available for riding lessons.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
You may contact Master Gasser at 321-402-1472.  Check out their website at and be sure to see one of their shows December 27 and 28, 2019 at Grand Oaks Resort, Weirsdale, Florida.