Ken Nabors of Gentle Horse Mobile Healing Mobile PEMF Therapy (281-221-2486) enlightened STRIDE members about the benefits and contraindications of PEMF therapy during the April 17, 2019 meeting at Mimi’s Café in Ocala, FL.

PEMF devices have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to treat non-union fractures, postoperative pain and edema, osteoarthritis, and plantar facscitis in humans. Veterinarians and animal professionals have begun using them for a variety of purposes since the electro magnetic waves are able to penetrate deeply.

Mr. Nabors described uses of PEMF therapy, and indicated the therapy helps to recharge and hydrate cells by removing toxins, thus resulting in accelerated healing. He frequently treats horses for inflammation, pain, digestive issues, and overall performance issues since PEMF aids in oxygenating the blood of the athlete. He also reported great success in treating hoof issues, such as laminitis, noting that in one case, he was able to get hoof temperature to drop four degrees in 30 minutes. Skin disorders related to fungus are effectively treated, and he has had phenomenal results in treating anhidrosis.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too… until I did some additional outside research AND had my own horse treated with a PEMF unit a couple of days prior to a competition. He had some legitimate back soreness. The outcome? Two days later he moved like a dream. I could sense his relief. Three days later, he scored a 70.

Of note- not all PEMF devices are created equal. Some are capable of extremely deep body penetration, others, less so.

An outstanding scientific journal publication summarizing the history, evolution, usage, and key studies illustrating the effectiveness of PEMF therapy is available at this link.

According to the conclusion of the afore mentioned journal link: Early PEMF devices lacked systematic evidence. Natural skepticism of the utility of PEMF was compounded by unscrupulous marketing, unsubstantiated claims, and unproven, unregulated devices. However, in the last 30 years, clinicians and scientists have developed a significant volume of research involving cell models, animals, and humans demonstrating the biological effects and clinical value of PEMF treatment for a variety of conditions. Advancement of this field has significance for both human and veterinary medicine, particularly in the areas of pain management, mitigation of inflammation, bone healing, and wound healing. The most rigorous and compelling research has been conducted on devices that are regulated by the FDA.

These data underscore the usefulness of PEMF treatment as a safe, non-invasive treatment modality that has the potential to become an important stand-alone or adjunctive treatment modality in veterinary care. As the field of veterinary medicine continues to mature, further development and implementation of PEMF and other NPAID technologies will serve an important role in multimodal treatment strategies that aim to maximize animal wellness.

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