STRIDE members were saddened to learn at their April 17th meeting that Hardwick Hideout, the iconic carriage company that has defined carriage construction with lightweight aluminum vehicles like the Hardwick Puddle Jumper, Tadpole, and Pollywog will soon be closing its doors due to health issues of its legendary founder Russ Hardwick.

HOWEVER, Scott Teeter (1-352-289-4301), who has constructed carriages at Hardwick Hideout for the past 19 and a half years, will continue to service those vehicles. In addition to maintaining service on Hardwick carriages, he is also available for service and repairs on all makes and models of carriages.

While Hardwick carriages are famous for their durability, now would be an excellent time to give your ride a check-up and do maintenance, if needed. Scott has an inventory of parts available.