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Season's First STRIDE Show Brings New Faces

 | Published on 3/23/2020

Season’s First STRIDE Show Brings New Faces

Helenea, Kaya, Michelle

The benefits of belonging to STRIDE are countless. One of the great things about STRIDE is that it provides a positive, encouraging venue for riders new to the sports of dressage, Western dressage, and driven dressage to get out and show their stuff through our year-long schooling show series.

Another is that the quality of our show judges is exemplary, which makes feedback especially valuable.

Volunteer opportunities abound and give members the chance to understand behind the scenes workings of horse shows up close.

 STRIDE events are exceptionally well produced, and attendees get a professional quality show experience at schooling show prices. Polished shows bring out not just new riders, but seasoned riders with green mounts eager to get some show miles on their babies.

Two new faces at our recent March kick-off show were (left) Helenea Dennis of Silver Springs, Florida and her young American mustang mare, Kaya, and junior rider (right) Shaylei Robinson of Citrus Springs and her seasoned pal, Samee.

Helenea and Kaya are new to each other and new to dressage.

Intrigued with dressage, Helenea and Kaya began taking lessons with Michelle Just-Williams.  The previously wild horse is adopting a more structured life, but Kaya is adjusting to her life as queen.

Shaylei and Samee have been long time friends. Samee, who has earned his bronze medal, belongs to Shaylei’s grandmother, STRIDE member, Jenifer Robinson, the other half of that bronze medal team.

Shaylei began participating in interscholastic horse shows this year and typically never knows what horse she will be showing at those events since riders draw their mounts from a pool. But as any rider knows, once bitten by the bug, it’s all about the next ride. Samee is a steady partner who provides her with more opportunities to compete in longer, more technical tests.

As you progress through show season, take a minute to say hello to new faces. Ask a few questions. Pass on some positivity.  Share the enthusiasm. Expand the circle.  Grow the sport.  Remember, it all comes back to you-- in more ways than one.