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STRIDE Salutes 2019 Year End Award Winners

STRIDE members celebrated a season of accomplishments at the annual year end awards banquet on January 10th at the Southeastern Livestock Pavillion in Ocala, Florida.  In addition to delicious fare, camaraderie, and door prizes, STRIDE members enjoyed the fruits of their persistence in a Margaritaville themed setting. Award winners were as follows:

STRIDE High Point Awards 2019 (according to OMNIBUS)

Introductory Dressage AA High Point: Anna Bright – GB Kapriel 65.000%
Traditional Dressage Training & Above Jr./YR High Point: Lola Brennan – Dewars 66.034%
Traditional Dressage Training & Above AA High Point: Lisanne Dorian – Thiadrik – 71.250%
Western Introductory Dressage Adult Amateur High Point: Connie Lloyd – Chance 71.429%
Western Introductory Dressage Jr./YR High Point: Emma Vocaturo – Brown Sugar Prince 74.722%
Western Dressage Basic & Above AA High Point: Lonni Bechen – Mosaic 69.000%
Western Dressage Basic & Above Open High Point: Jackie Cavaliere – Blaine 66.250%
Driven Dressage High Point Pony: Connie Andrews – Snickerdoodle 76.087%
Driven Dressage High Point VSE: Kim N. Benson – Merlin’s Magic 70.000%

Level Division Championship Awards

Level/Division Championships Awards Level/Division Championships Awards Candidates must have been a STRIDE member, competed with same equine in at least three shows with minimum of six scores, & competed in the highest test of the level at least twice. Championships are calculated by taking the median of the top six scores (through First Level) or three scores for Second & Above. Champions may not win the same level championship on same horse more than once, but Reserve Champions may continue to compete in same level the following year. All scores based on eligibility and use median of all scores.
STRIDE 2019 Year End Level/Division Awards: (All scores based on eligibility & median of all scores)

Traditional Dressage: Introductory Dressage Novice Rider: Adult Amateur Champion: Anna Bright – GB Kapriel (median 63.750%) Training Level Dressage: Junior/YR Champion: Lola Brennan – Dewars (median 63.103%)
Adult Amateur Champion: Jennifer Carpenter – Miss Bizzi (median 65.776%)
Adult Amateur Reserve Champion: Tracey Carbonell - Brettengraf (median 62.371%)
First Level Dressage: Adult Amateur Champion: Lisannne Dorion – Thiakdrik (median 65.949%)
Third Level Dressage: Adult Amateur Champion: Mary Barber – Fiona (median 63.125%)
Fourth Level Dressage: Adult Amateur Champion: Lynda Adams – Rheining Scholar (median 61.111%)
FEI: Adult Amateur Prix St. Georges Champion: Loretta Lucas – Bravo Do Retiro (median 61.324)
Western Dressage Western Dressage Introductory Level: Junior/YR Champion: Emma Vocaturo – Brown Sugar Prince (median 64.654%)
 Adult Amateur Champion: Connie Lloyd – Chance (median 65.726%)
Adult Amateur Reserve Champion: Anna Bright – GB Kapriel (median 64.697%)
Adult Amateur Honorable Mention: Barbara Van Winkle – Pepper (median 62.929%)
Western Dressage Basic Level: Adult Amateur Champion: Lonni Bechen – Mosaic (median 66.00%)
Open Champion: Jackie Cavaliere – Blaine (median 65.200%)
Western Dressage Level 2: (only 3 scores needed) Adult Amateur Champion: Mimi Leggett - Ram (median 64.006%)
Driven Dressage: Driven Dressage Training Level: Champion Driven Dressage VSE: Kim N. Benson - Merlin’s Magic (median score 65.220%)
Driven Dressage Preliminary Level: Champion Driven Dressage Pony: Connie Andrews – Snickerdoodle (median 66.812%)
Driven Dressage Intermediate Level: Champion Driven Dressage Horse: Lynda Jowers - Almost April (median 74.348%)
Versatility Division Ridden Versatility: Ridden Versatility W/T Champion: Connie Lloyd – Chance (total pts: 620.00)
Ridden Versatility W/T/C Champion: Mimi Leggett - Ram (total pts: 525.70)
Ridden Versatility W/T Reserve Champion: Anna Bright – GB Kapriel (total Pts: 576.33)
Driven Versatility Champion: Connie Andrews – Snickerdoodle(P) (total pts: 592.00)
Driven Versatility Reserve Champion: Lynn Parker – Jimmy Choo(P) (total pts: 568.00)
Driven Versatility Honorable Mention: Anne Tucker Meinel – Betty(P) (total pts: 548.0)

Congratulations to all and best of luck in 2020!