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Time to Implement American Driving Society Test Changes

 | Published on 2/20/2020

American Driving Society Changes Tests

Beth Rieselman driving Dawson

During the first week of December, members of the American Driving Society met at Grand Oaks in Weirsdale, Florida to discuss changes to the Driven Dressage tests. This is the first test revision since 1994. STRIDE’s intrepid driving enthusiast, Beth Rieselman was in attendance and reported the changes in tests as well as members’ impressions of those changes.

There will be three tests at Training, Preliminary and Intermediate levels.

Arena driving trials have been upgraded to two tests.

There is a very clear progression from  A  thru  C tests at each level with each test requiring a slightly greater degree of skill. According to Beth, “This is a much better progression. The tests really flow now.”

At the Intermediate Level, the C test now includes canter work. A medium trot is also introduced at the Intermediate Level.

A stretching frame is a mandatory movement at walk at Training Level and at trot for Preliminary and Intermediate levels.

Additionally, a one hand move while crossing the diagonal at trot has been added to the Preliminary Level. While this might sound radically new, this used to be required in the old Training Level arena test.

The new tests will be mandatory beginning July 1, 2020. STRIDE will be using the new tests this show season.