How observant are you?  Do you take things for granted, or do you pay attention to the seemingly mundane things in the barn, to the little actions and reactions of your horse, his habits and his preferences?

Below is an observation by member Carolyn Hall.

In my barn, I have a random selection of buckets of different sizes, shapes and colors.  I find it interesting to take note which buckets get used the most. Usually most favored are the light color buckets. 

Over the years I have also noted when I have visited other barns, if multiple colors of buckets are available, which ones get used.  I have observed light color buckets are favored over dark color buckets. Most favored are white or yellow. These usually require refilling most often. Pale blue/green, pale blue next.

Dark colors like green, red, dark blue or just blue usually have the most water left in them.

One barn I visited had all black buckets in all the stalls. It was interesting to watch the horses file out of the barn each in turn stopping at the duck pool for a long drink before going out to the pasture.  A walk through the barn revealed most of the black buckets were 3/4 or more full of water.

Pasture water tanks, buckets, or tubs are also a point of interest. I currently have a blue plastic, and a steel gray water tub. Every day the blue plastic tub is the one that requires refilling; the grey steel, not so much.

A white tub is most favored but hard to find. Black tubs heat the water to a higher temperature in the summer and require more constant work to keep out algae. 
Traveling? The most important thing you can do for your horse is to take the horse’s favorite water bucket to encourage water consumption. Nothing worse to a horse then an unfamiliar water bucket much less funny tasting water.  

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