Have you ever been told that your horse is just not dressage material? Perhaps you have, but I can guarantee you didn’t hear it from Rianne Ruizendaal. That’s because Rianne, who is scheduled to speak at the next STRIDE meeting, adheres to the principles of classical dressage that she believes are applicable to every horse.  Rianne emphasizes that “ANY horse can be trained to become [a] supple athlete with muscles strong enough to perform all movements.”

Born and raised in Europe, Rianne began riding at a young age.  She took daily lessons with a retired Calvary Officer, Mr. Spekschate, who stressed firm classical principles. Her quest for knowledge continued and she worked with three direct long-term pupils of Nuno Oliveira: Danny LaHaye, Dennis Stickley and Peter van Borst. When Jose Mendez toured the United States, she had the opportunity to ride with him. She also spent time training at the academy of Dutch Olympians Imke Schllekens and Tineke Bartels.  Based on these experiences, Rianne concluded that the trajectory of her dressage journey should remain focused on dressage as the original masters had intended.

She currently operates Dutch Dream Farm, where she trains, gives lessons, and imports horses for clients.

Rianne’s students rave about her.  Take for example, Donna Lofaso, who attended one of Rianne’s clinics in Scottsdale, Arizona: “I learned more in one clinic than I have in the past five years of taking lessons.”
Riders of all ability levels praise her instruction.

See and hear Rianne at the next STRIDE meeting October 16, 2019 at Mimi’s Café located at 4414 SW College Rd., Ocala, FL 34474. A short business meeting will begin at 7:00PM followed by a Rianne’s presentation. Feel free to come early and dine with other members.