A few months ago, STRIDE featured an article about a horse rescue operated by one our members, Alyson Wheatley and daughter Loran. DreamCatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue does incredible things for horses and manages to keep hay in the managers through creative enterprises and aggressive fund raising. They also have the discipline to manage the number of horses in their care.

Well, they’re back in the news again. Not long ago, a horse was reported to be standing along interstate highway 75 just south of Gainesville. Battered, bruised, and missing skin, the horse had more than a case of road rash. It had survived a fall from the back of a stock trailer racing down I-75. Amazingly, no bones were broken. Witnesses say that the driver of the rig pulled over and refastened the door of the trailer, but continued on down the highway with no regard for the horse or other motorists. It is believed the horse was on its way to an illegal slaughter house in Georgia.

Springhill Equine Veterinary Clinic was initially summoned to pick him up. Eventually, Loran Wheatley of DreamCatcher took on the epic task of nursing him back to health. He will never be able to be ridden, but he will always be able to love and be loved.

Naturally, his medical bills are epic, despite fund raising efforts on Facebook and Go Fund Me.

To read more about this story, follow this link https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-ne-horse-found-on-florida-highway-faces-uncertain-future-20190115-story.html

If you feel inspired to share some love with this horse by passing on a little green for his recovery, contact DreamCatcher at 407-702-8322. Tell them you want to contribute toward the medical bills of the aptly named, “Highway.”