Are you too busy to be a trend setter? We did some investigative work for you to find out the latest in apparel and equipment for the discerning classical, western, and driven dressage enthusiast.
Marti Haught and her staff at Tack Shack were happy to share the seasons’ latest.

With cooler temperatures finally in the air, it’s fun to layer up and look smart in the carriage and in the saddle. Nothing says “classic” like this Symphony Winter Chic rhubarb red shirt by Tredstep underneath a tailored quilted navy vest by Ariat. Your horse will be pleased to note that there’s plenty of pocket room for treats.

And while you’re tooling about in your carriage, you may want to think about adding impulsion to your steed’s step with a state-of-the-art Fleck Driving whip, featuring a German leather handle on a lightweight bamboo shaft. Fleck transforms the whip from a tool to a work of art.

If you can’t get enough bling on your bonnet, upgrade to a bedazzled helmet by OneK.

While you’re at it, add some bounce to your step with a new pair of Kingsley dress boots, and of course the Mountain Horse field boots are just too pretty to pass up.

For those who dream of western skies where the deer and the antelope do western dressage patterns, there’s nothing like a Champion saddle pad by Reinsman to liven up your look. These pads are advertised as “over-engineered for maximum performance.” That’s comforting. Add that to a myriad of colors, and you’re set to go!

Once you’ve picked out a pad, add some flair to your ensemble with a floral filigree spur strap by the 3D Belt Company. Those small touches make the difference.

Now that you’ve been tempted by the latest in apparel and equipment, take a day off and explore these and other fashions for horse and rider. A change… will do you good.